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Established since 1994, we're passionate about the work we do. Colt exists to:

Educate the public on the many uses of scrap tire material
Process over 150,000 tires a month
Collect scrap automobile, truck and off-road tires
Offer remediation services for scrap tire dumpsites

We do our part by collecting and recycling waste tires that reduce the consumption of natural resources. We join other conservation advocates in promoting a greener and cleaner world for the benefit of all. Call today to schedule a pick up.

Put Scrap Tires to Good Use

You might be surprised by their potential

Once the tires on your car, truck or off-road vehicle have served their purpose, you may not be sure what to do with them. Rather than just letting them sit around and take up valuable space in your yard, why not call Colt, Inc.? We're a licensed and permitted scrap tire processor and transporter with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality.

Per state regulations, individuals are allowed to bring five tires per day to a permitted facility. If you have more than five tires to get rid of, contact us directly.

Top 3 reasons to use us

Why should you call us? We'll help you:

Recycle your scrap tires
Do your part to care for the environment
Learn more about potential uses for scrap tires

Our services are convenient and reliable. Schedule an appointment today to deal with unwanted tires.