Colt, Inc. Scrap Tire Centers – Frequently Asked Questions - Colt, Inc. Scrap Tire Centers


Q. I have a couple of old tires on my property, what can I do with them?

A. The Department of Environmental Quality allows the public to bring (5) tires *per person/per day to a permitted facility. This includes Colt, Inc. as well as most parish collection sites. This service is for the public to properly get rid of the few tires they may have laying around the yard.

Q. Can anybody pick up tires?

A. No, in order to transport tires in Louisiana a person/company must be permitted by LA DEQ as a Waste Tire Transporter. Unless they are bringing (5) tries to a permitted collection facility.

Q. Why do I get charged a recycling fee from a tire dealer if I take my old tires back with me?

A. You are actually pre-paying for the recycling of the tires you are buying; the tires they take off have already had a fee collected on them.

Q. Can your shredded tire material be used in playgrounds?

A. No, currently Colt, Inc. shreds the whole tire so there is still some wire in the product; therefore it would not be an approved market.

Q. What do you do with the Scrap Tire Material?

A. There are many uses for the material in Civil Engineering Projects. You can go to our End Use Page and view the different projects.

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